Saturday, June 11, 2011

Homemade Slotted Disks

See how I kept my fingers busy while my husband and I watched some Masterpiece Theatre tonight?  Some people knit...apparently, I'm more of the cereal box connect-ums type.

They were really fun to make and play with.  I'm curious how the girls will like playing with them tomorrow.  I wonder if they might be more of an older child toy, but little G seems to have some engineering blood in her.  She might be interested to try her hand at them.

I traced around a baby toy octagon block to make the shapes and then cut little wedges out of each side.  Then I extended the cut further than the wedge to make them sturdy.
I think they look kind of like flowers.

The inspiration for this craft came from Putti Prapancha. She made her slotted disks with lots of interesting shapes and colors.  Very fun!

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