Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun and Easy 4th of July Fireworks Crafts

1.  Putti Prapancha shows you how to make fireworks with paint and a cut straw!

2.  Use edible markers to draw cute fireworks on cookies!

3.  Make and Takes shows you how to use yarn and pipe cleaners to make pom pom patriotic fireworks!  (These would be cute for the kid to take with them and shake at the the fireworks show)

4.  The Kids Network makes fireworks in a fun way- with handprints!


Stephenie Pyles said...

Cute ideas! Just curious...obviously, you have a well stocked craft/art supply and I was wondering how you keep it contained and organized (assuming you keep it contained and organized!). LOL For instance, just today, I wanted to glue patriotic fans printed on regular paper to cardboard from cereal boxes in lieu of buying cardstock and I just took the cereal out of the new boxes because I didn't have any boxes in my stash b/c there just isn't room! My craft/art supplies are taking over my closet and I can never seem to find what I need WHEN I need it!

Amanda said...

I really love those yarn and pipe cleaner ones! 
We made fireworks out of coffee filters to send to grandparents.  I think they turned out great.

Having Fun at Home said...

It sounds like you and I have similar problems!  I wish I were better about keeping my craft closet organized and contained. :-(

Having Fun at Home said...

They turned out great!  Thanks for sharing your link!

Guest said...

This was so fun! Everyone loved these crafts! Thanks for sharing them with us, we are very excited for the Forth of July! (It is coming up in only 14 days!) 
Thanks again!

Great Craft! said...

This was so fun! Thanks foe sharing this fun craft with us! We are very excited for the Fourth of July (it is coming up, only 14 more days away can you believe it?!) We made them all and they turned out great! This was a really great craft!
Thanks again!

LOL!!! said...

LOL!!! That is really funny same here! I hope you have better luck with finding supplies!