Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ideas from around the Web

Here are some fun ideas I found around the internet this week. Enjoy!

Chasing Cheerios explains how to make a beautiful friends and family memory game.

Mommy-fied talks about how indoor bean play can be a fun activity AND easy to clean up!

On the other hand, Hurrayic has a tutorial for an activity that she says is very, very messy but worth it! It involves balloons, food-dye, and snow and looks like something I'll have to try with my kids someday!

The Toby Show shows how to make a "fruity sequencing" development game for toddlers. Cute!

I really like this idea for a frugal, homemade paper dollhouse. See the Woods and the Trees has a tutorial with some extra tips.
Also, check out this article to hear about one family's fun birthday treasure hunt tradition.

Just Pure Lovely explains an activity involving ice and army men that her son does every once in a while. I could definitely imagine my brother doing something like this when he was little!

Do you have a post involving frugal family fun on your blog or know of someone who does? I'd love to feature it here. Please feel free to contact me at kmagill1212 at gmail dot com!

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Unknown said...

Thanks you so much for the linky. Its snowiing here at the moment so I may have to go and find soe balloons and hope for a good thick covering.