Monday, June 20, 2011

Post-It Labels for the Parts of a Flower

We got to take home the big bouquet of flowers from the front of our church this Sunday.  It's being on our dining room table has led to conversations about the names and parts of flowers; so I thought it would be fun for M to have a chance to practice labeling the parts.

This diagram of a flower that I found was a little too advanced for M; so I simplified it down.  Then I cut a couple sheets of post-it note into strips (with a little sticky on the end of each strip)  I wrote the names of a flower part on each strip.   M used the diagram to help her place the strips on the right places.

The sticky notes don't stick great to the flower, but they did ok. 


Amanda said...

 She did a great job!

Deanna said...

too cute! Isn't it interesting how kids pick this up? My then 4 yr old wowed his preK class when he pointed out a stamen. Good job you!