Monday, June 13, 2011

What's Missing? Simple Preschool Game

M and I really enjoyed this game this morning.  It was nice because we took turns, and it was fun for both of us (I actually thought I would find it easier than I did)

1.  We set out 8 distinctive objects in two rows and let M take a good hard look at them.

2.  M turned around and closed her eyes while I removed one of the objects and put it in a box.

3.  M turned back, opened her eyes, and tried to figure out what object was missing.

4.  She looked in the box to see if she was right!

We played many rounds, taking turns guessing the object and then tried two and three missing objects.  After that became easy, we scrambled the order of the objects. 
I was thinking we might try this game with letters, numbers, and words sometime.  Can you think of any other fun or educational twists for this game? 

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