Friday, November 20, 2009

Alphabet Block Spelling

I'm sure mothers have been doing this activity for a hundred years, but it just now occurred to me. M loves alphabet puzzles, and sometimes I wish we had more of them for variety sake. The other day, though, I realized that her wooden alphabet blocks could be used in much the same way.

I gathered some blank paper and a pen and wrote out a variety of letters on a page, spacing them about 2 1/2 inches apart. Then I found blocks with letters that matched and had M place them in the correct places.
Next, we decided that rather than random letter placement, we would spell words (starting with M's name, of course). M seemed to feel very grown up to be able to make her own name, and the names of each of her toy animals.


Deanna said...

Hi! (btw- saw you at walmart and almost said hi. took me a moment to realize where I recognized your daughter from *smile*)
I am just starting this craft but am gathering some blocks.
I want to spray paint them, punch out photos, modge podge them on and add hanging string to make photo ornaments. I debated slicing them in half so they would not be so heavy but wanted to try this first.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deanna, That's so fun that you saw me at Walmart! I hope you do say hi if you see me again. Your ornament idea sounds really fun!