Monday, January 11, 2010

Magnet Fishing Game

Over Christmas my mother and M had fun playing a magnet fishing game that my mother made. The "fishing pole" was a ruler with a string. The "hook" was a magnet tied to the end of the string. On the table was the "pond," a number of cardboard circles cut out of Christmas cards with a paper clip attached to each one.

M's job was to catch the circles one at a time. On the back of each circle was a number (one, two, or three). When she caught the "fish" she would look on the back, identify the number and then got to take that number of candies (my mom used the tiny dot candies that are stuck to a paper). Great fun!


Deanna said...

Oooh! Good for eye/hand coordination and counting! Do you think juice lids would work if there was paper glued on them?

Cool game!

Being us... said...

This is a great idea! I just ran across your blog and will now be a follower. I am always looking for things to do at home and our children are about the same age! Thanks!