Friday, February 5, 2010

Toddler Box Train

My friends who are moms and I have often wondered what it is about trains that so fascinates little children. They sure like to ride them, talk about them, look at them, etc.!

M made this train today out of toy boxes from the playroom. It kept her (and her stuffed animal menagerie) happily occupied for about 45 minutes.


Unknown said...

When my brother and I were little we always loved it when my mom vaccuumed the house. We would line all of the chairs up and put our stuffed animals on them. Then we would play train!

Being us... said...

I bought the "toddler busy book" after I read that on your blog, and I received it the day that we got snowed in. I have been doing a lot of the ideas with my boy the past few days. They are calling for another 8-10 inches tomorrow so I am glad that I have this book! Thanks!

Amber P. said...

My girls love the train play, too. We also live right next to train tracks with a train coming conveniently mid-morning and one right before dinner. They love to race to the window and watch it go by. It goes one way full of coal and the other way empty. Fascinating discussions follow about where all that coal comes from and goes to.

They also line up chairs and sit on them and toot their horns (pretending to pull the sting with their hands in the air). Very entertaining, indeed!