Monday, August 30, 2010

Homemade Books: Pansy Book

When my mom traveled a roadtrip with M recently, she took advantage of the long hours in the car to make a homemade book with M for her little sister G's birthday. (She let M place the pansies,etc)

The words of the book are a poem:
Pansies in the teapot,
Pansies on the hat,
Pansies on the birthday cake,
Pansies on the cat,
Pansies in the basket,
Pansies on the chair,
Pansies on the window sill,
Pansies in your hair!

Isn't it sweet?

Then at the end of the book, she gave a pansy-counting page:
She used a blank book such as the kind you can buy here, a gluestick, laminating sheets, and flowers from her garden that she pressed in old books.

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