Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Liquorish Learning and Gingerbread Books

I learned recently in a fun old book I am reading, Child Life in Colonial Days that some colonial mothers made horn books out of gingerbread for little ones.
Says an old rhyme:
"To master John the English maid
a horn-book gives of gingerbread;
And that the child may learn the better,
as he can name, he eats the letter."

But another old English proverb of the time warned,

"No liquorish learning to thy babes extend."

I can sympathize with the wisdom in both perspectives. I don't want my children dependent on gimmicky entertainment in their education, but I do think there is a certain amount of affection that is communicated when a mother or teacher makes an effort to creatively pepper fun moments into the hard work of learning.

What are your thoughts on the place of fun in learning? I would enjoy hearing your insights.

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Anonymous said...

I like your thought that "affection is communicated" by you spending the time to make it more fun. Also totally agree that it's not good for children to expect/demand entertainment in their learning.