Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple "Smores"

I think it's very nice that my parents still have simple, homey fun even though they are retired and empty nesters now. They have already had two bonfire cookouts on together in the woods behind their house this fall.

At their most recent bonfire, they tried out an idea from Family Fun magazine. It was something I had been curious to try myself to see if it would really work, and I was tickled to hear that it worked well!

1. Start out with a nice, firm apple on a stick.
2. Roast it until it is black, charred and ugly all over, like this.

3. Take the apple off the stick and cut away the burned parts with a knife.

4. Roll the now warm, soft, and juicy apple in cinnamon sugar.
5. Enjoy! (I suppose you could maybe even eat off the stick like a fun, new kind of fair food.)

They said it was scrumptious!

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Sandi said...

I was interested in that one too when I read the magazine.