Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Smelly Socks Matching Game

In the course of two baby girls, our house has accumulated a mountain of unmatched baby socks.   The other day, I had a big show down with all of them (spread them all over the living room floor and hunted for pairs).

 After finding a match or two, I was left with quite a slew of little orphan socks, and unsure of what to do with them all.  (Hard to throw them away- after all, they're just so tiny and cute and once housed such little treasures!) I decided to use some of them for a smelling game that Chasing Cheerios talked about a while ago.  
After deciding on some distinctive smells (vinegar, almond extract, my hand lotion, etc).  I covered two cotton balls with each scent, stuffed the cotton into two random baby socks, and tied up the tops.  M's job was to smell the socks and find smelling pairs.  I worried at first that maybe the different appearances of the socks would distract, but it didn't seem too.  She successfully matched the smells, and then we were able to have a quick little chat about our favorite smells.

After that one last use, I didn't feel as badly laying the socks to rest in the trash can.  I do have quite a few more though.  Anyone have any ideas of what to do with them?

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Sandi said...

Cute idea! I have many orphaned baby socks as well.