Friday, June 29, 2012

Watercolor Painting on Sand Dollars

Did you know that painting with watercolors on sand dollars produces a really neat effect?  I didn't until the other day when my kids and I spent a morning painting.

Lately, I've tried to maximize our fun to clean-up ratio by saving  messy art for times when we have two or three full hours to devote to the fun.  So, the other day, I covered our kitchen table with a drop cloth and we spent the morning finding everything and anything our imaginations could think of to paint on and with.

That happened to include a couple of large sand dollars that I had saved in my craft cabinet, waiting for a good use. (Unfortunately, success stories in this department encourage me to keep my craft cabinet full to the BRIM)

The super absorbency of sand dollars means that they soak up the paint, and the color spreads across the shell like magic.  (If you do this, make sure you use lots of water with your paint.  A dry watercolor brush doesn't do much at all)

It's hard to improve upon God's creation.  The sand dollar was probably actually prettier in it's original pure white form, but I think these are lovely in their own way as well.

I got my sand dollars at a garage sale, but I discovered recently that you can also buy sand dollars on Amazon.

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maryanne said...

This is so pretty! 

Catherine said...

Hey Katie these are amazing thanks for the tip. I also have one for you more of a fun fact if you will :-) you mentioned the sand dollars were pretty in their natural state of white. Did you know when they are plucked from the Ocean they are a deep ark gray almost black in color. They are bleached out to be white :-) I have lived near the Ocean for 42 yes and I just learned this fact 3 years ago :-) :-) :-) have a blessed day...Catherine :-)

disqus_Y6fXMJ2pwG said...

If you find one that is dark gray it is alive and shouldn't be bleached out, it should be left. I live in the Caribbean and find white sand dollars all the time. It is good to bleach them to kill off any algae or bacteria,but shouldn't bleach them to kill the organism itself!