Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spray Away Chalk Letters

We use spray bottles a lot around our house.  Most often we use them to help de-tangle and de-frizz our curly haired girls.  (we also use them to spray out wrinkles because we hate to iron!)

One problem though...spray bottles are just too fun.  It's hard for little girls to resist spraying them all around the house.

The last time one of them gave the playroom floor a good soaking and caused the other one to slip and go flying I inwardly vowed that I was going to find some fun outlets for spray bottle spray that wouldn't make me grumpy.
For our first non-grumpy spray bottle activity, I tried a simple literacy idea.  G is often better at telling me the sounds that a letter makes than remembering its name.

So for a little review, I wrote out the letters of the alphabet in chalk on our back patio and gave the girls each a spray bottle. When it was their turn, I named a letter and their job was to find and spray it away.  We went back and forth until all the letters were erased.

 Simple, fun, and no grumpy mom at the end= what I was shooting for.

Do you have any more spray bottle ideas for us that fit this equation?


Toddler Approved said...

My co-blogger did a similar activity with chalk and bugs and what she called "bug spray" earlier this summer. It was a hit. She also did this chalk activity with a watering can. http://www.toddlerapproved.com/2012/06/watering-alphabet-garden.html We still need to try both out and will add yours to the list too.

Mrs Mordecai said...

Wow, I can't wait to try this! One we did recently was make sidewalk paint with baking soda and cornstarch, then spray it with vinegar to make it fizz. The kids loved it.

Havingfunathome said...

great idea- I'd love to see the baking soda sidewalk paint recipe.  

Havingfunathome said...

"Bug spray" is adorable!! 

Sue Walker said...

Great idea!

Mariel said...