Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time to Putter

I was reminded of the importance of puttering time at home this Saturday morning when we were all wandering around lazily (R and I still in our pajamas).  I was feeling just a tad bit guilty for not planning something and making better use of our precious family time when I spotted something on the window.  It was a big green bug clinging there (from the outside)
Everybody gathered around and got a chance to examine this beautiful creature "safely" and up close. We all   seemed to notice something different- from his sticky feet to his interestingly scaled underbelly.  It was a gentle and enjoyable time, and it struck me again how that family togetherness often happens best organically.

I was glad we puttered that morning.


Sue Walker said...

That is wonderful. I love the word "gentle".

maryanne said...

We are loving a day of being forced to stay indoors doing nothing because of the hurricane here, today. It will be especially lovely if we don't lose power or sustain any major damage from the storm!