Friday, March 15, 2013

My Kids Love it When I do Laundry!

Yes, my girls get pretty happy when they see me with a basket of clean laundry.  Do they care that much about clean socks and underwear?  They couldn't care less!  What they love is the prospect of being showered with piles and piles of clean clothes.  (It's especially great if I am on the ball about getting it out of the dryer in time, and the clothes are nice and warm)

And why not?  It all needs to be folded and sorted anyway.  They sit close together and wait for me to dump it all on their heads.  Lots of giggles.  No creativity, time or clean-up required on my part.  Perfect.

This post is inspired by my friend Rebekah at The Golden Gleam who writes a fun series called Joy in Minutes with lots of easy, simple ways to bring joy to your family.


Rebekah Patel said...

Oh, how this post is making me smile so. Happy to see your girls so gleeful and happy to have inspired you to share your own Joy in Minutes idea.

I really need to start back up with the series. And too funny that you posted playing in the laundry because this was one idea that I had been meaning to capture for the series and I am so glad you came up with the idea to share.

ajpassey said...

My kids love it when I dump the laundry all over them too! So simple and yet so much joy.