Sunday, October 2, 2022

14 Gifts for Kids who Love Words


In our family, our kids really like reading and all things associated with it. Maybe you've found, over the years, that your kids do too, or maybe you're just looking for gift ideas. Either way, these fun ideas are sure to please.

1) Hanging Pod- these are really fun and cute mini hammocks that are perfect for reading in and super easy to install indoors or outdoors! We have this one- 
2) Poetry Book- these may seem basic, but they're sure to please, and they're fun to read together. Our favorite is most likely Poems to Learn by Heart.
3) Word Snoop- a really fun and engaging book on the English language. This book turns a dry and dull subject into a fun and lively one, with games along the way!
4) Book locket- these are so cute and adorable, and are perfect for your girls!
5) Books- these are my go-to presents when I just can't get anything else. 
  • E. B. White- Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, and Trumpet of the Swan. Just can't recommend these classics enough! This box set combines all three. 

  • J. R. R. Tolkien- The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Read these in order to your older kids, or you can also let them read them by themselves.
  • Lewis Carroll- Alice in Wonderland. Again, this is a better book for your older kids who are able to understand more.
8) Bannana Grams- a fun word puzzle game. You can also find ones for kids who are learning to read.
9) Journals- these are fun, meaningful ways for your kids to express themselves privately, again, better for older kids. This is only one of many colors and types.
10) Black Light Pens- or other invisible light pens. Especially good for kids who love espionage.
11) Magnetic Words- these are good for younger kids and are helpful for learning to read and write.
12) Rory's Story Cubes- cubes with story prompts.
13) Bookmark Kit- there are plenty of these that you can find, and these are fun to make together! You can also create your own with colored paper strips, markers, and stickers. Get creative!
14) Blank Books- these are white books that can be both written and illustrated by your kiddos. (You can get them in many different colors).

     With the holidays approaching, these gifts are sure to make your book-loving young ones very happy when wrapped in colored paper or to find them in a stocking on Christmas Day!
     Let us know in the comments below: What are your favorite gifts for your book-loving kids?

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