Monday, September 15, 2008

60 minute research date

My sister and brother-in-law do something I think is really clever and seems good for marriage-building. They go on cheap, 60 minute research dates. Here's how it works:

They keep a running list of interests that both of them wish they knew more about. The items on their list could range anywhere from bacteria-resistant staph infections to learning how to fly-fish.

When they have an extra hour or two free, they pack up their laptops and head to a coffee shop. They spend sixty minutes separately researching the same topic on the internet(whatever they have chosen for that day) and then come back together and give each other little reports on what they have learned.

Doesn't that sound like a great idea for building togetherness?

Here are some ideas for adapting the date idea for couples with children:

1. Maybe only 30 minute internet sessions (60 minutes might be a little unrealistic)
2. If there are two computers connected to the internet at your home, you could do the date at home after the kids are in bed (complete with popcorn and hot chocolate).
3. Maybe keep the list of Mommy and Daddy common interests posted somewhere that your kids can see. It's good for them to see the things that you enjoy together that have nothing to do with them. If they know you are going on a research date they might even be curious about what you learned when you see them the next day.

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