Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shaving Cream Fun

See how much fun my cousins can have with a 79 cent can of shaving cream? On a nice sunny day my aunt handed each of them a can and let them make as big a mess as they wanted with it.

It looks from the pictures that they were pretty nice to each other with their cans :-) Maybe that's owing to the fact that they are cousins and not sisters. (If my mom had given shaving cream to my siblings and me, I'm pretty sure it would have turned into a war!)

Shaving cream is such an ideal outdoor play thing - puffy, slimy, sticky- easy to clean up! It's great for making foam sculptures (maybe a cream castle?) and of course, just general sliding and oozing around.

Clean-up is part of the fun! It looks here like my aunt is spraying the kitchen sink sprayer out the window at the girls. All this fun and a great memory for under $2.00!

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