Sunday, December 6, 2009

Homemade Opposites Game

This game was actually more fun to make than to play. For M, learning about opposites has coincided with the beginning of a burning curiosity to see the pictures that I take of her on the digital camera. So, one day I decided it would be fun to have M act out some of the opposites that she is learning while I take pictures.

I printed those pictures cheaply on our printer, labeled them, stuck each one back to back with its pair and covered the cards with packing tape (acts like laminate).

Some of the opposites that we found were easy to capture in pictures were:

on/ off
empty/ full
happy/ sad
apart/ together
up/ down

To play the game, I place one card face up in front of M and ask her, "What is the opposite of ____" When she answers, I say, "Turn it over to see if you're right." Then she takes a turn showing the cards to me and asking me for answers.


Jo Shabo said...

really love your idea- I may have to steal it- so cute! Little ones LOVE pictures of themselves too! :) Thank you!

MaryAnne said...

What a cute idea!