Monday, April 5, 2010

Homemade Book: See and Say Book

My mother is very good at thinking about M's next logical step in her progress toward reading and making little books geared to help her advance. Her most recent book is especially good in this department.

It is a simple story with events, people, and places especially tailored for M's world. The words in the story are interspersed with pictures so that as I read to her and track where we are with my finger M can supply the words that are illustrated.
Here is a little video of R and M reading the book together.

(Often, my mother and I make books for M using these blank books, but this time my mother just taped pieces of cardboard together- not quite as durable, but it still looked nice!)


Sandi said...

That was so sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Rob & Michelle said...

That is adorable. Mom has an endless stream of creativity (which you inherited as well, it would seem)