Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Pleasant Home

[W]e must get over the idea that we can't decorate by ourselves. Granny's antique rocker, the stool we got at a yardsale, the pillow embroidered by a friend, the stack of baby's books, the sheets of music at the piano, the flowers picked from the garden this morning; these are what give our homes soul and make them pleasant to be in.

Now, I am not here to promote a certain kind of decorating. We all have different likes, opinions, and resources. We put the bowl of fruit on the table because we love the way it lights up when the sun pours in the window. We are God's people. He created light and texture and color for His glory and our delight. The more we delight in his gifts, the more we can please Him. Our homes are the canvases He has given us to paint. Let us paint them with soul, with gospel, and with all our might.

-Nancy Wilson from Praise her in the Gates

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