Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day # 1 in the Kiddie Pool: The Floating Tea Party

It is a well-tested fact that when children are involved a little bit of water can make just about anything more fun. Even one or two inches can add enchantment to an everyday activity. Since we were recently given a nice kiddie pool for our backyard, I think the summer can't help but be full of enchantment on the basis of that fact alone!
Here's M as excited as she can be about her floating tea party. You'll notice that the pool is hardly filled at all, but she is fascinated by her tea tray gliding around her and her ability to easily fill and pour out the teacups. Some other day we'll revisit the idea, but next time we will fill the pool up so that the tea tray floats around her chest and neck. Don't you think that if you were a little girl again that you would enjoy that?

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