Sunday, June 27, 2010

Homemade Baby Book: Animal Counting Book for Older Siblings to Make

The last time I made a book for little G, her older sister was very interested in the whole procedure. Later, when I found her clipping little pieces of paper and gluing them together she said that she was making a book for her little sister.

My mother decided to get some materials together to let her do just that. She mailed her a blank board book that she had titled "G's Animal Number Book." Tucked inside of the book was a sheet of animal stickers. Each page was labeled "one dog," "two cats," etc. M's job was to find the right stickers to illustrate the words on each page, (and then to take the extra stickers to decorate the front).This task turned out to be just the right level of difficulty for M. Once the book was completed, she was very eager to show it to G. It was very nice too that the book was simple enough to where M could actually "read" the whole thing to her herself.

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