Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Finds from Around the Web

Unplug Your Kids has a tutorial for making a salad spinner zoetrope. (I didn't even know what a zoetrope was at first, but it sure looks clever and fun!)
I like the simplicity of the preschool activity As We Walk describes here.
I never would have thought of turning a child's umbrella into a jellyfish like Make and Takes did here- but isn't it cute?
The bubble blower tutorial given by How Does She? is something I really, really want to try (I'll let you know how it turns out probably in the next few weeks).

**One reader wrote to say that this is a fun activity, but to warn the kids not to suck in- soap bubbles can burn the throat!**
I've wondered before whether or not making an aquascope would be a worthwhile thing to try. MayaMade has a tutorial here as well as some stories about why they made it and their fun experiences with it.Read here about Frugal Family Fun's great idea for helping a child spend hours of imaginative and independent fun.
Finally, take a look at this odd and wonderful website to find ideas for science experiments you can do with candy.


Deanna said...

We make that bubble blower all the time. Saw it in Family Fun and it always is a hit! But I take it apart each day because the rag gets funky.

The mom~ster said...

the bubble blower thing is fun...but warn the child not to suck in ... my little boy took a breathe in while it was on his lips and he sucked bubbles halfway down his throat...he got kind of sick for about an hour until it stopped burning and making him want to throw up

Katey said...

Thank you, Momster, for the warning. That sounds miserable! I'll write a little note in the post to that effect.