Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moveable Teddy Graham Valentines

Groan....I'm afraid this one may go down as one of those ambitious projects I undertake for my firstborn but not for any subsequent children. turned out cute; so I'll post it here just in case any of you are equally crazy ...I mean zealous :-) At least you won't have to draw up your own template like I did; I'll include that below.

Supplies Needed:

Brown card stock
White card stock
Glue stick
Fastening brads
Plastic baggies (I just used ziploc sandwich bags and cut off the zipper)
Single hole punch
Teddy Grahams

1. Print the template on card stock. Cut out each piece of the template and trace around and cut out from brown and white card stock.
2. Glue the head on the body, the face on the head, and the tummy patch on the tummy.
3. Poke the four brads through the tummy to attach the arms and legs.
4. Draw the eyes and nose on the face and write your message on the tummy. We wrote "Bear hugs from M" but some other cute (cheesy) ideas might be "You are unbearably cute!" "I can't bear being without you" etc.
5. Punch a hole in one hand and tie a ribbon to cinch the bag of teddy grahams.

I found punching holes through a double layer of cardstock pretty impossible, and so had to resort to putting the holes along the edge of the body. Also, trimming the arms and legs a bit may be necessary so that they have a full range of motion.

Also, I found that the bears had a bit more personality if I tilted their heads to the side a little.


Unknown said...

Ambitious? Yes. Way cute? Definitely! Nice work--thanks for posting!


gsetzer said...

These are really cute!