Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wipes Container Scavenger Hunt

The other day it occurred to me that the Huggies wipes container openings are just the right size for little hands.  If you have a couple of empty wipes containers laying around you can use them to make a fun little road trip (or waiting room) scavenger hunt game. 

1.  Fill each container with small, familiar objects.  (clothes pin, coins, walnut, baby sock, etc)  Each container should have the very same items.

2. Write down the items you put in so you don't forget.

3.  Give one container to each child.

4.  When everyone is ready, call out the name of an item in the box.

5.  Without peeking (it's actually kind of difficult to peek) each child feels around in their box and tries to be the first to retrieve the named object.  

When I did this activity with M and G this morning we didn't do it as a game (G is too young), but M really enjoyed the challenge of finding things just with her hands.  G mostly enjoyed shaking the box, but she was pretty tickled to find a pacifier inside as well :-)

Works for me Wednesday!


Sue said...

I would love doing that myself. What a fun idea.

Elizabeth said...

Great idea! I work at our school and our teacher will put things in a drawstring bag and have the kids try to find the items by feel...same game, just a different container. :)