Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicken Update: An Expanded Brood

We've acquired 3 more baby chicks since the last time I wrote about the chickens. (But that's all...we're not planning on expanding our brood indefinitely :-) Meet our happy, little chicken family:

1. Jane Red Star Hen. Someday, she will look like this: Red feathers with sort of white petticoats.
2. Wendy- New Hampshire Red. Someday she will look like this. Supposedly her breed matures more quickly, and she will be the first to give us our nice, tasty, organic eggs.

3. Miriam - Buff Orphington. Will look like this when she is full grown. We wanted to make sure to get at least one of this breed because the rumor is that these are the "cuddliest" chickens.

4. Minnie- Ameraucana

5. Mehitabel (long story) Also an Ameraucana. They will look something like this. The big reason for getting this breed is because they lay GREEN and BLUE eggs! Really! They are also called "Easter Eggers" for that reason.

The chicks are no longer living in a cardboard box, but they are still indoors. (in the computer room actually, and I can hear them peeping happily) I commissioned a craigslist fellow to build this brooder because I thought cleaning a cardboard box would eventually get to be a problem.


Sue said...

How nice that the girls will get to watch the chicks change to look like the pictures. A Good experience.

Unknown said...

I love the names :) I raised chickens when I was younger. I really liked the Golden Laced Wyandotte breed.