Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Ideas for Building Memories this Father's Day

I think Father's Day is tricky.  I always feel a little weird putting a lot of effort into making something cutesy with the kids when I know that a man's appreciation for that sort of thing only goes so far.  And then of course, gifts for men are notoriously difficult.  The kind of idea I do really like for Father's Day is the kind that makes a memory.  Traditions or meaningful time spent with Dad seem like they're really worth the extra effort. 
Here are 10 ideas for building  memories this Father's Day:

*****Spoiler Alert- If your initials are R.M and you love cheeseburgers do not read any further in this post unless you want to ruin a surprise or two *******

1.   Hold an annual competition between kids and their dad.  I love this idea from Make and Takes.  Every year Muriel comes up with a light-hearted contest between her kids and their father.  She even gives a trophy.

2.  A fill- in- the- blank Father's Day card for toddlers and preschoolers

3.  Make a slideshow with pictures of the kids and dad for everyone to watch together.

4.  Make this adorable necktie door wreath with your kids and hang it on the door every Father's Day.  

5. Have the kids help you make a treasure hunt for Dad Help them make clues for him to find his gifts. 

6.  Hold a taste- testing event.  Pick something that Dad really likes, and buy as many varieties of that as you can.  (chocolate ice cream, donuts, pickles, etc)  Let everyone taste the samples and decide on their favorites.  I think I might try this idea this year with white cheddar popcorn because R likes it so much- maybe even include a homemade version!)

7.  Write an annual letter to your children about a quality you really like in their father. 

8.  Print out fun father's day buttons like the ones you find here and here and take the kids around the house to hide the buttons in all kinds of surprising places for Dad to find on Father's Day (sock drawer, refrigerator, etc). Maybe a good idea for what to do while Dad takes a traditional Father's Day nap :-)

9.  With a dry erase marker draw a series of mustaches on your husband's bathroom mirror at the height of his face.  Include the message, "Happy Father's Day to One Classy Dad!"  In the morning call your kids in to have a look at their father with a mustache.

10.  The night before Father's Day have your children hang a room service menu on their father's door for breakfast the next day.  A fun twist to breakfast in bed!

What other simple or elaborate kinds of things have you done on Father's Day to make memories and spend quality time together as a family? 

Works for me Wednesday!


Deanna said...

I found a tshirt (exactly like an old ratty one he has) on ebay as a gift. Tradition is I always buy him a tshirt (usually I find a neat one at a thriftstore). He makes a big deal about pretending to guess what it can be.

The kids made him cards and we will "get him" with cascarones in the backyard. (the kids trick him into looking at something in the backyard and he plays along so they can get him with the confetti eggs- me armed with a camera and they still think it is a hoot!)

Carla said...

These are great ideas!  Thanks for listing!  I think that wreath is absolutely adorable!