Friday, December 2, 2011

An Easy Stained Glass Craft Technique

I'm really tickled to have found this simple stained glass craft.  I had been looking for a pretty and quick way to make all the symbols for our family's advent devotions, and after poking around on the internet for a while yesterday, I found something I was happy with.

1.  Print a black and white silhouette picture out on regular paper. (you'll notice the picture I found on google was a tattoo pattern.  Ha!)
2.  Heat a cookie sheet in the oven until its nice and hot.
3.  Take the cookie sheet out of the oven and use and towel to cover part of the sheet so little fingers are less likely to get burnt. (I told the girls to be very careful, and we didn't have any problems)
4.  Place the silhouette paper on the cookie sheet upside down and color with crayons.
5.  Frame the picture with strips of black construction paper.

That's it!

If you want it to have less of a "mottled" look then make sure not to melt the crayon on too thickly.

They look surprisingly nice on a brightly lit window or on the outside of a candle holder (we're doing it this way for advent devotions).

It's Playtime!


maryanne @ mamasmiles said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing your discovery!

Melissa Howard said...

Brilliant - looks like loads of fun.