Friday, January 27, 2012

Grandparent Game

Our family suffers from LDGS- that is, "Long-Distance Grandparent Syndrome"  :-) Both sets of grandparents live hundreds of miles away, and visits are only possible every once in a while.  Our kids are also the only grandchildren on either side; so of course, our parents do all they can to stay connected in between visits.

Skype and phone conversations help for sure.  My mother has also started a tradition of mailing pictures taken during her visits to the girls; so the girls have the fun of getting mail addressed to them in the mailbox, and they get to remember all the memories of their time together.

Recently,  my mother added a new twist to the pictures.  She taped an index card to the bottom of each one and wrote on it a little quiz question about the picture.  The answers were on the back and were self-checking according to the method described here.

M loved this activity- sat down and did the whole pile of them as soon as she opened the envelope.  G lost interest fairly quickly, partly, I think because she can't read yet, and so can't do it on her own.  But I think she was probably happy that my mother had made her a set of her own (she's a typical second-born in that being included in things is super important to her)

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maryanne @ mamasmiles said...

What a fun game! And a great way to interact with ldgs - we live hundreds of miles from our grandparents, too.