Friday, January 6, 2012

Rainbow Crayon Twist Sticks

Despite the fairly decent pictures, this project was pretty close to a craft fail (one of the reasons Pinterest is not always as wonderful as it seems)

 In theory it seemed like a great idea- peel and sort all our crayon stubs into baking cups in a muffin tray, melt in the oven and pour in layers into old glue stick shells.

 I had envisioned nice neat layers of color, but of course as each layer was added, the hot wax melted the layer underneath and they blended together. Also- fully half of the glue sticks broke once the crayon layers were in and I tried to twist them up to use them (the little piece of plastic broke because the hardened crayons were pretty tricky to twist through)
 But it wasn't all bad.  The girls and I had fun sorting the crayon stubs together; the workable sticks are still pretty fun to color with despite the blended colors, and as a little bonus I was reminded of how contagious creative endeavoring is. While I was cleaning our crayon-wax-besmattered kitchen, M began a creative project of her own, gluing baking cups to the wall (it actually looked quite neat- I should have taken a picture)

 Thanks to Infarrantly Creative for inspiring this activity!


Heidi Gollub said...

Well, the photo of the crayons in muffin cups is beautiful.

Vanessa at Rescuedgoods said...

I have to say, Thanks so much for 'telling the whole truth'! I feel like sometimes I try projects people post and they don't include all of the pros and 'cons' of the project:) Your pics are great, and I bet the project that came after it was so much fun too! You could also just pull them out of the glue holders and use them as big chunky crayons-those are always fun!

Kreativeresources said...

Oh they look cool! I have had some crayon melt fails as well - when I tried new techniques. I may try this though - I wonder if you simply coat the inside of the tube with vaseline first and then melt the crayon in a measuring cup and pour it into the tubes?! Hum?

L Johnson said...

We had some luck with rainbow crayons.  We didn't try putting them in tubes though - just all in one pan, then cutting them into strips.  They are really cool to color with.  Don't give up!