Friday, June 15, 2012

Sticker Resist T-Shirts

Ever since I discovered the fun sticker and tape resist art technique that bloggers like Putti  Prapancha have featured, I've been giddy with all the possibilities.  We've done thank you cards, and tape resist collages, and just yesterday we tried our hand at sticker resist t-shirts.

Michaels has been had some pretty decent t-shirt sales, and I bought up a bunch of them the other day.  I got out our big pot of foam alphabet stickers and let the girls dig through to find the letters of their name.  We made sure that the stickers were pressed on nice and firm and that the names were centered decently well.

Then I got out the acrylic and fabric paints we happened to have around the house (acrylic paint works just fine on fabric, by the way...the only real advantage of fabric paint is the softness and flexibility) and told the girls to dab on colors close to the foam stickers.
They needed to guidance (and help in little G's case) getting the paint into all the little corners and crevices, but we got there eventually.

Since the girls like using lots of paint, I let it dry for about 4 hours before I ventured to take off the stickers.  I think next time, I would choose slightly larger alphabet stickers, but mostly, we were pretty happy with our t-shirts.  I like how they look kind of like a celebration of children's arts and crafts.
Excuse the bed heads on our top picture; we were excited to try them on as soon as the girls got up this morning. :)


Sue Walker said...

I like that there it doesn't take great skill on the part of the child to produce such fun results.

Patmagill116 said...

I like that the girls can "wear" their art with happy and proud faces!!!

Rebekah Patel said...

Those are just adorable!  We have used acrylic paints on our cloth napkins, and it does work just as well.  

MaryAnne said...

Great idea, and they are so cute!

Trisha said...

Love these shirts!  The art is super fun, and the stickers are a great idea.

iris said...

cute girls!
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