Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Collaborative Art: Watercolor Resist Collage

Here's a project that my four-year-old and two-year-old both participated in, and I think would have worked well if we had a wider age range too.

Each girl was given a small square of watercolor paper.  I handed strips of masking tape to my two-year-old to stick on to her paper however she liked.  My four-year-old was able to rip off her own tape.

Next, we painted the squares with watercolors.  I recommended to them that we only use bright, happy colors for this project.

After the paint had dried, I tore off the pieces of tape.  (You can see that I got impatient with the drying paint, and ripped the tape off a little too early- that made it fray a bit)

I arranged the painted squares close together, grid-style on a piece of cardboard. Each girl did as many squares as she liked.

In between the pictures, I put black electrical tape, and to finish it off, I trimmed the cardboard with scissors so that none of it showed.

I really liked this project because:

1)  It was an art project (as opposed to a craft where there was a set result).  The girls had some room to express their creativity.

2) The final result was something beautiful I could hang on my wall.

The only trouble is that the electrical tape keeps peeling off from the cardboard.  Does anyone have an idea of how I could remedy that?  


Helen Novielli said...

I love it!  They picked some great colors.

Sue said...

Lovely piece of art.

Mindy said...

You could try Modge Podge to keep the tape from peeling up.

Kreativeresources said...

Painters tape works great! Love this result!

Roopa Shri said...

Kids did a great job!!! Love how you made a collage of it and used electrical tape!! 

Neen @ Neenish Arts said...

I do something similar with kids but use masking tape on calico with acrylics. What you have done looks FABULOUS! Instead of tape in between the pieces perhaps you could just paint it black. I love how its a 'collaborative' piece. Lovely

Michelle Peace 2you said...

This is SO pretty! I LOVE your idea of grouping several together to create a collage effect. Thanks!