Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Lessons from the Mud Pit

Our poor backyard did not fare well in the drought here in Texas last summer. Most of the time these days,  it is a dust bowl with tiny bits of brown straw peeking up here and there.  When it rains, however, or when a little girl turns on the hose, we have a giant MUD PIT on our hands.

Mud pits, of course, mean dirty clothes, dirty children, and muddy floors.  So, is it worth going out in the backyard on those days?

Well...not always.  (When Mom's in a bad mood, or when company is about to arrive, for example).  But I've come to the conclusion that a child learns some definite lessons when he plays in the mud.

  1.   Mom loves me more than the carpet. 
        (not every child is sure about this one)

   2.   My own backyard is a fun place.

   3.  God made a good world, even the parts that 
        don't seem so pretty.

  4.    I don't have to look perfect to feel good about myself.

  5.   Play doesn't have to cost money to be fun.

All of this is of course, on top of the fact that mud is a terrific sensory experience, healthy for growing minds and bodies and just plain enjoyable!

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maryanne @ mamasmiles said...

I love this - the post title, and the lessons!