Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Reasons to be a Mom Blogger

A few weeks ago I wrote about all the pitfalls of being a children's activity blogger.   All those problems sort of beg the question: "Then why in the world spend so much time doing it?"

It has taken me longer than I expected to get around to writing this post because I really do struggle with blogging and deciding whether or not it is the best decision for my family.  But lately, it has felt like a good choice; so I figured I'd better go ahead and write the post before I change my mind.

 Here are 10 reasons why I think blogging is worth it (at least for right now).

1.  My husband is proud of my blog and likes that I am doing it.  This goes a long way in my book.

2.  It's an artistic outlet- the process of coming up with ideas, photographing them, and arranging them in a post is deeply satisfying to me.  I feel like it energizes and enriches me, and that being an enriched mother trickles down to my family.

3.  Blogging helps me practice my communication skills.  It's one of my life goals to be a wise old woman who has worthwhile things to pass along to younger women.  If that day ever rolls around, I want to be able to communicate what I've learned in a precise and enjoyable way.  I feel like the practice I get writing consistently on my blog may help with this goal.

4.  My blog has helped me to make and maintain friendships.  Even though it is not a very personal blog, it still gives friends I don't see very often a glimpse into our everyday life.  I've also met some really neat people that I never would have known except through blogging- some of them in my own city.

5.  The blogging community has put me in the path of so many creative bloggers and really clever ideas.   I'm never at a loss for something educational or fun to do with the kids, and I feel like I've been able to be a better contributor to our homeschool co-op because of it.

6. It's a journal of some of our family's fun experiences.

7. Blogging provides a little bit of income that I can share with my family and ministries that I care about.  It's not very much money (mostly through Amazon affiliate program), but it feels good to make a personal financial contribution to things I care about.

8.  Writing the blog posts sometimes forces me to be reflective about my parenting.  

9. It's an opportunity to pursue excellence.  There are always new skills to learn in blogging.  I like that I am able to see progress in the years I've been at it.  I think it is good for my kids to see their parents tangibly strive toward excellence in some area.

10.  Blogging really helps me to feel content being at home.  I feel like it is good for my kids to be at home a lot during this stage of their lives, but it's easy to get a little stir-crazy.  Blogging gives me a little extra contact with the outside world, and every time I do a post I feel like I have something concrete to show for it.  (unlike laundry or the dishes).

Of these reasons, I'd say that numbers one, two, four, and seven are the biggest motivators for me right now.

What about you? If you are mom blogger, which of these are the most important to you?  Have you found additional perks?  If you don't have a blog but have  thought about it, what are some of your considerations?  


Mrs Mordecai said...

I agree wholeheartedly with #10! When I started blogging, I intentionally tried to keep things positive, because that's where I find my motivation. While I haven't been 100% positive along the way, I have certainly felt my attitude improve—I am naturally a pessimist.

I also like that it can help give me a focus on days when I'm feeling disorganized or lazy.

maryanne @ mamasmiles said...

I think my reasons are very similar to yours!!! Beautifully put :)

TheLearningBasket said...

Well said!

StarTraci said...

Heidi Gollub shared both posts yesterday and I am so glad! I have had my moments wherein I doubt the value of my blog and wonder if it's worth. I appreciate the reminder, however, of why I do it. I started my blog as an outlet as a stay-at-home mom and most days, it has helped me tremendously on that front. I have made friendships all over the world and have felt so less isolated that some days I think it's why I am still sane.

Thanks for sharing the ups and downs!

Havingfunathome said...

I agree, Traci.  Blogging is such a constant thing that it's easy to forget why you're doing it in the first place.  Really nice to take a step back and reflect every once in a while.  I need to do that more.  

Whitney said...

I can relate to so many of these.  I also enjoy the extra income and that it's one of the only things I do just for me.  Great post!

Heidi Kay, PediaStaff said...

 Reason 11: Because you inspire and help moms and therapists the world over to be better at what they do!  You are so appreciated!