Monday, February 4, 2013

A Rainbow of Carrots

Every time we grow carrots I get impatient.  It's so tempting to dig them up early to see what's going on under there.  The mystery is extra strong when you plant a packet of multi-colored carrots and you know that there is a whole bouquet under there just waiting to be uncovered.

 (This is our second year to plant the Organic Carnival Blend by Botanical Interest.)

So, again this year we jumped the gun and dug them all up a little early before they had the chance to reach their full, slender long potential.
We decided to make a game out of it: "Who could find the biggest carrot?"  Each girl had a pile.  The dirt flew and we all exclaimed over each new record-holder.  M found the largest carrot (a white one that really wasn't all that big), but her favorite carrot was actually the shapely "walking carrot"
Each girl washed her pile, and then we lined them up according to color.
  I chopped them and steamed them for dinner that night.  One big colorful bowl of them! (the purple carrots are actually dark orange inside)
Those of you who follow this blog may remember other colorful gardening projects of ours: rainbow chard and the magic purple beans.

I always wonder if the extra colors mean extra vitamins   Anybody know?

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Pmagill said...

I can imagine the fun and joy for the girls to dig, clean, and then eat these carrots!! Wish I was there to taste also.

Phyllis said...

Oh, how wonderful! I love the colorful carrots. Your photos are fantastic! You make me want to plant them even though our soil is so hard, we just can't grow carrots!

MaryAnne K said...

These are really pretty! What a fun way to eat the rainbow :)

Renee K. said...

How fun for the kids.

Katey Magill said...

Thank you! I know what you mean about hard soil. Ours is pretty rocky and dense too. We supplement with a lot of our own compost and some purchased soil.

Unknown said...

Gardening with kids is always so much fun! You have inspired me to give these gorgeous coloured veggies a go :)