Friday, June 10, 2016

10 Beautiful Gifts Kids can Make with Seashells

Going to the beach for our family always results in lots and lots of shells.  Just finding them is reward in itself (like a treasure hunt!)  but since they're so pretty, we often finding ourselves wishing that there was something we could do with them.  

So this year, before we head to the beach I've done a little research and found some great ideas for how kids can transform shells into beautiful gifts to give away. 

Also, at the end you'll find a list of bonus activities that aren't gifts, but could still be a lot of fun.  Enjoy!

I love this Christmas Ornament from Busy Kids Happy Mom.  A great use for all those tiny shells that are easiest to find!

Sometimes you find shells that are almost perfect except for that hole right at the top where the animal has escaped.  If you are making a Seashell Mobile the little hole actually helps you out!  from Little World's Big Adventures

Wow!  Aren't these glittery Seashell Candles gorgeous?  Who wouldn't want a set of these in their bathroom?  Terrific diy gift idea for older children to make from zingzingtree!

The Seashell Succulent Planters we made the other day work great with bigger shells, and the succulents are still going strong!
This Photo Frame with pastel painted shells would be lovely around a picture of your beach vacation.    Another good one for older children especially! from Rhythms of Play

These handprint keepsakes look like a lot of fun to make especially for little ones and could also be made into Christmas ornaments.  from The Imagination Tree

These seashell pencil holders are a fun way to use painted shells but would also work for unpainted shells.

Didn't these sharpie colored Necklaces from Craftea turn out great?  A fun gift for a child to make for their friends.

I like the simplicity of this Jewelry box from Me and My Shadow.  This could also be a lovely way to decorate a jewelry gift you are already giving!

These lovely Seashell Magnets from Things to Share are lovely and easy to make.  I like the idea of kids making these as quick and inexpensive gifts for classmates or teachers.

I said 10 gift ideas, but realized just now that I have one more I'd like to share.  When we were visiting my mother a couple of years ago, she had a neat craft ready for them to do- DIY Stepping Stones.  She made them out of quick dry concrete and formed them in containers from the bottom of planters.  You can use shells or stones, or whatever else you happen to have available.

It worked really well and the stepping stones on the path in their woods are a special reminder of our time together.
(one of these days I will do a post giving more instructions).

Also, here are some great bonus activities that aren't necessarily gifts, but would be fun to do, nonetheless!

Seashell Puppets
Shell Flowers
Crystal Growing Seashells
Mermaid Earrings
Wall Hanging
Make Ocean Art
Shell Critters
Seashell Fairy House
Vibrant Dyed Seashells
Shell Sculptures

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