Sunday, May 22, 2016

Succulents in Seashells: Kid's Craft

I never used to care much for succulents.  Deciduous leaves and lots of flowers just seemed more alive.  Ever since moving to drought-ridden Texas though, where dry weather plants reign, succulents have really grown on me. 

 Or maybe it's just because they have become trendy, and I'm more of malleable to popular opinion than I like to think.  

At any rate, they really are great, aren't they?  So many textures. So many fun names.  (baby toes!) So un-plant-like sometimes.  Not to mention the fact that they're adorably makes you just want to squeeze their little leaves!  

You can't hang around Pinterest long without seeing lots of fun ideas for how to plant them.  Being one of the hardest kinds of plants to kill makes a plant vulnerable to all kinds of indignities, but also some really beautiful ideas.

I wondered a while back if planting succulents might be a good use for all those beautiful seashells we tend to accumulate.  I was delighted to find out that it was possible!

So tonight we decided to make up a bunch of seashell contained succulents to give away as teacher's gifts on Monday.  

We proceeded to spread out our supermarket succulents all over the dining room table (yes! we did it on the husband just shook his head at all the dirt...but he's used to that kind of thing by now)

We tried to carefully disentangle roots so we would have little sections to plant.

One problem we ran into was the fact that seashells don't always stay flat on the table the way you'd like them to.  We solved that by affixing a small glob of air dry clay to flatten pit the bottoms of tipsy seashells.   That seemed to work just fine.

Once we were done, we had fun spritzing each of the plants with a spray bottle because apparently, succulents do not derive their moisture from the soil but the air.  Clever little things!

I like how this one looks like a hermit crab coming out of his shell.

We're hoping to keep these alive until Christmas so we can give some away as Christmas gifts too.  Wish us luck!

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