Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Card: Floating Hearts and Kisses

I loved this idea for a Mother's Day canvas the moment I saw it and had the best intentions of making one just like it.  But of course, as the weeks went on, I didn't buy the supplies and I didn't save any time or emotional energy for a day of child painting.  Oops, now it's less than a week before Mother's Day, and still need to send something!

It occurred to me though that this idea would make any equally good card, even without the canvas or the painting.  I just used these blank white foldover cards and envelopes that I always keep on hand.

I found that getting kids to turn sideways and blow fake kisses is one of the eas
ier photo poses to accomplish even with squirrely preschoolers.

Just a quick print out on the computer, cut around the silhouette.  Cut out some whimsical hearts out of scrapbooking paper.  (better than using a heart punch, I think because it is easier to make it look like they are rising out of the kid's palms).

A few gluestick swipes later, and the card is DONE.  I let the kids glue the hearts, but not their silhouettes. (It looks cute if the hearts are all over the place and quirky, but not so much the photos).

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