Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Mom and Me Having Tea

My husband's cousin Kim emailed me about a fun Bible study for mothers and daughters (ages 6-8) that she and her daughter have been doing. It is called Just Mom and Me Having Tea by Mary Murray.The chapter titles are, "God Made Me Special," "Friendship," "Family Matters," "Loving God's Word," "Getting to know Our Awesome God," and "Helping others." At the end of chapter one, the mother and daughter have a formal tea together. My cousin and daughter did the tea while her boys and husband were out at a ball game.

Doesn't this sound like a nice way to build fellowship (and a memory) with your daughter?

I know that growing up, my mother was very careful to create opportunities where we could talk privately about personal things with her (if we wanted to- she didn't press). Looking back, I am glad she was so deliberate about that.

My experience with my own mother and this special Bible study of my cousin's has got me thinking about my own daughter. In what ways will I try to facilitate closeness?

Maybe you have some experience in this area to share. Do you have traditions, special memories, or more subtle things you have done that have helped your daughter feel that she is special to you and can confide in you? I would love to hear them!


MiddleEarthMusician said...

That study looks fun, right up my daughter's and my alley. My daughter and I have tea parties very often and it is the one thing that makes her feel like a true lady.

phoward336 said...

I try to take my 4.5 year old daughter to lunch once a week - just the two of us for a special girls day. Sometimes I pack a lunch and we go to the park, sometimes it's McDonald's or some other special treat. She really looks forward to girls day!