Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cardboard Puzzles

I have found a new way of making puzzles ! (new to me anyway- maybe you've been making them this way for years)

Here's what I did:

- Using an exacto knife, cut shapes out of a piece of cardboard (the thick kind- from a box).
- Painted the cardboard (an ugly metallic purple- because it was what I happened to have on hand)
- Obtained two duplicate images for each shape.
- Glued a piece of cardstock to the back of the cardboard.
- Glued an image into each hole
- Glued the other set of images to the cut-out shapes
- Trimmed each shape to make it easily fit into its hole

For this puzzle I used pictures of one set of our relatives to provide a little refresher course for M before we head up to Michigan for Thanksgiving.

M liked doing the puzzle very much. (She is especially fond of the doggie puzzle piece- can't leave it alone even when it has been correctly placed in the puzzle) Next time I make one of these, I am going to cut the pieces into different sizes. That way, it will be more obvious to her when she has a piece in the wrong place. (I think I'll stick with circles as it's still a little hard for her to match sides and corners)


Heather said...

Great idea! Kids especially love playing with pictures of themselves and their family, don't they?!

Hannah Poling said...

Oh my goodness! This seems like such a cool idea! I want to try it!