Friday, November 7, 2008

Colossal Bread Fights

Every family has traditions. My extended family has one that I admit is a trifle odd...but fun! Almost every time we come together we have a bread fight of epic proportions.

Before a family event, my uncle goes to the discount bread store and buys a massive amount of bread, hot dog buns, bagels, you name it. It's very cheap because he's willing to take anything- no matter how stale. (the stuff other people might buy to use as duck food). On the day of our get-together, he places it all in the middle of his yard and we spend the next 40 minutes or so pelting each other with bakery goods.

And it's not just the kids who get drawn in- part of what makes it so fun to the kids is that they can take aim at an aunt or gang up on an older cousin. The tiny tots are awfully fun to watch because they can barely throw and so will run up to a person until they are about two feet away and take aim. Of course they squeal with delight when they plop their intended target in the arm.

Some personalities, being particularly fun to torment, find themselves attacked with a higher level of frequency. My sister is among that group and will often end up in a snowbank with about twenty hamburger buns stuffed down the back of her coat. (she's a good sport).
You might think that a bread fight would encourage bad habits with the kids- that it might cause them to start throwing rocks at each other or that food fights might break out during dinner time. As far as I can remember, nothing like this has ever been a problem. Instead, I think the bread fight is a good outlet for a natural childish urge. Maybe it is the case that because there is a time when it is appropriate, kids don't feel as compelled to act out in that way.

Because many of my extended family live in different parts of the country and don't see each other that often, the Bread Fight has served as a fun way to brake the ice over the years and bring our family together.

Does your family have a fun but wacky family tradition? I'd love to hear about it!


Abbi said...

That is a unique tradition but it sounds neat. I like things that draw the family together. I think it is neat at times to let down your reserves and have fun like a child.

jkd said...

Dear Katey,

Andrea just sent me the link to your blog (which she's mentioned happily multiple times before). When we were very small and it snowed, my parents brought some of it indoors (using Styrofoam trays) so we could build indoors snowmen. I still like seeing the photos today.


K Magill said...


What fun! I've never heard of anyone else doing that! If you'd ever like to send pictures, I would really enjoy writing a post about your family's idea!