Saturday, November 6, 2010

5 More Yes/No Riddles

One of the most popular posts ever on Having Fun at Home is a list of yes/no riddles (otherwise known as lateral thinking puzzles) that I put together about a year and a half ago. Since then, I've encountered a few more and thought I would share them.

If you are not sure how a yes/no riddle works, be sure to check out the explanation here.

The solutions are listed at the end; so if you want to be on the guessing end of these sometime be sure not to peek!

1. Tom and Mary are thirsty for some peach juice. Mary says that she wants two glasses of juice, and Tom wants just one. When the waiter comes, Tom orders five glasses of peach juice. Tom takes the three glasses off of the waiter’s tray and tells him to take the others back; he doesn’t want them. Why did he order five glasses?

2. A black dog walked down a black road in a town painted black with streetlights that were broken because of a recent power outage. A car came by driving 45 miles an hour whose headlights were both broken; it swerved and narrowly missed the dog. How did the car avoid hitting the dog under such conditions?

3. It is the middle of July. Detectives arrive on the scene in the middle of a park in Miami, Florida where there is a dead man lying in a slight depression in the grass. The medical examiner said that the man froze to death. How did the man die? And how did he get there?

4. He was lying there, in a puddle of blood, shattered glass all around him, curled up in the too small space, a bucket of water standing outside. He was obviously very dead.What happened to him? Where is he? And why the bucket?

5. The two victims, father and son, were rushed into the ER. The attending physician pronounced the father DOA. The son, however, was obviously still alive. He was rushed to the operating room. The surgeon came in, and prepared to save the young man's life. But when his face came into view, the surgeon started, and announced: "I can't operate! He's my son!" How can that be?


1. Tom has a speech impediment. He can’t pronounce the letter “r.” He orders five glasses because it does not require him to say the letter “r.”

2. It was daytime.

3. He had attempted to smuggle himself into the States by stowing away in the wheel bay of an airplane. Unfortunately, those bays area not heated, so he froze to death at 30,000 feet. When the landing gear unfolded over the park in Miami, he fell out.

4. The man was in a phone booth, calling his wife after a morning fishing. The bucket with his catch is outside. Bragging about his enormous catch, he spread his arms wide, accidentally smashing through the glass in his enthusiasm and cutting his wrists.

5. The surgeon was the boy's MOTHER!


Unknown said...

I LOVE these! I've enjoyed this kind of riddle since I was in junior high--a substitute teacher first introduced me to them! Is there a solution for the 5th one?


Katey said...

Ooops! Yes, thanks so much, Carla! I'll post the solution for number 5 now. :-)

Katey said...

Ooops! Yes, thanks so much, Carla! I'll post the solution for number 5 now. :-)

ClintonR said...

Scratch my other comment, you nailed it! :) Any more hiding anywhere? and thank you again so much for this post.