Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wax Paper Candle holders

Did you know that wax paper makes a very pretty "frosted" covering for a glass candle holder? It does! This Thanksgiving candle holder came together in under an hour and cost very little.

One afternoon, M and I gathered colorful fall leaves from around the neighborhood. (I think the ginko and aspen tree leaves have an especially pretty shape) We pressed them in an old book so that they would have a chance to thoroughly dry out and to flatten.
A couple of days later, I cut a strip of wax paper to fit this large glass vase ($5 at Walmart). On one side I scattered the pressed fall leaves and covered them with mod podge. Once they were dry, I sponged mod podge all over the vase and pressed the wax paper onto it. Once I pressed the air bubbles out of the paper, it was finished.It was such an easy craft and made such a pretty effect that I think I'll have to experiment with some variations. Maybe a nativity silhouette scene for Christmas?


Sandi said...

That turned out so nice!

Anonymous said...

Very cute--and it seems so easy! Candles are one of my favorite smells of the season.


Sue said...

Oh yes! A nativity scene silhoette would be beautiful.