Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alphabet Pancakes

We took our ketchup bottle pancake squirter from the other days' snowflake pancakes and made alphabet pancakes. I'm not sure why, but the girls were actually more excited about these than the snowflakes. (Maybe they're reading nerds like their parents??)


Rebecca said...

We have always tried to make letters out of batter but they come out as big BLOBS!!  I never thought to use a ketchup bottle

Christine Gould said...

Just FYI: I have a few pancake recipes for which the batter gets made in the blender, and I had surprising success drawing letters on my griddle simply using the "pour" spout (with the lid on) straight from the blender.  No need to wait for the ketchup bottle to become empty (which seems to be taking forever, now that I've been waiting for it . . . )!

Katey said...

Good to know!  Thanks, Christy!