Monday, February 6, 2012

Rose Boba Milk

Here's a fun way to make drinking milk more appealing to your kids- add Boba, that is, pearl tapioca.  Boba tea (a sweet drink with tapioca balls at the bottom) is a popular drink in many Asian countries.  I made my boba with rosewater for a unique taste and red food dye to make it even prettier.

To make the Boba:

1.  Use a ratio of 8 to 1, water to tapioca pearls.  Add a generous splashing of rose water and food dye (depending on taste)
2.  Boil water
3.  Add tapioca, and boil for 15 minutes with cover on the pot.
4.  Turn the heat off and soak for another 15 minutes
5.  Rinse the pearls and drain off the water
6.  Store in sugar syrup until ready to use.

I added some silk flowers I happened to have around to the stem of a pretty cup to make it seem extra special.  You might want to warn your kids ahead of time though that the Boba are not going to be as sweet as they might be hoping.  I think mine were a little disappointed to find out they weren't candy!

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