Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Visit to the Asian Supermarket

I've always been fascinated with ethnic grocery stores.  The interesting sights, smells, and sounds make me feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland.  The other day, I took M and G on their first ethnic food adventure- an Asian grocery store in North Austin.  
To see some pictures of our time there, and 10 suggestions for fun things to do with kids at an Asian grocery store, see my guest post at Free Fun in Austin.
I let each girl choose a new food to try from the snack aisle.  G's choice cracked me up- dried squid.  hmmmm, I have to say, I'm definitely not used to such a fishy smell in my snacks.  It didn't become one of our favorites, but I was proud of both girls for giving it a try!


maryanne @ mamasmiles said...

Dried squid is an unquestionably authentic choice! Not surprised it wasn't a favorite, though!

Deanna said...

That store is great! I went before xmas looking for cool asian candies. Was kinda disappointed in their selection but I got some hello kitty cookie things and some new flavors of pocky. Were you blown away by the fish market there??

Katey said...

The fish market was definitely a highlight! :-)

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