Thursday, October 16, 2008

Making your own games: Conozco

Playing with a homemade Aggravation board that my Grandpa had made

My family always enjoyed playing games growing up. It wasn't until later in my childhood, however, that we discovered that we also enjoyed making games.

The game with which we had the most success was one we called Conozco (Spanish for "I know (a person) ) Not only is it fun to play, but your family could have a very good time one evening sitting together and thinking up questions to make for it. Then, at the next get-together with friends or family you will especially enjoy playing it because it has your own special touch.

General idea: Players try to guess correctly how another person would answer a particular question about him or her self. The person reading the question only has to think about their honest answer to the question. (For each question, the person reading rotates)

Sample questions: Here are some examples that we made up. But I'm sure that every family would come up with it own unique flavor of question. (This is a great way for a group of people who already knows one another pretty well to find out facts they may never have thought to ask.)
(As you can see, we printed the questions off of the computer and pasted them to cardboard backs)

Scoring: When a question is read out loud, everyone decides for themselves how they think the person reading the question would answer about him or her/self. Each person places the letter of their answer upside down on the table in front of them.(Each player must have his own set of letters to match the multiple choice answers. We borrowed our sets from the word game PROBE. If you don't have that game, you could make your own out of cardstock).

When everyone has placed their letter, the person asking the question reveals his/her answer.

A point is then awarded to each player who placed the correct letter. (The person reading the question does not have an opportunity to win a point that round).

Play continues until one person reaches the predetermined winning score.

It's a simple game, but makes for great group bantering and conversation!

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Robyn Burns said...

Love the Conozco idea! I will definitely use it at an upcoming family event - we have a few birthdays and other celebrations soon.