Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Egg Throw

When I was growing up I remember my parents making a few Easter egg hunts for us when we were very small. Once we were a little older, however, it turned into an annual Easter egg throw!

We kids would assemble on the yard down below the back deck, and my aunt and uncle would throw the plastic eggs filled with candy high into the air, at which point we would all scramble madly to position ourselves for the catch. We did a little bumping and pushing, but all in good fun, and every year we looked forward to the tradition.One year, my uncle sneakily replaced one of the candy-filled eggs with a REAL egg. I was the one who ended up with a face- full of egg. And of course, we laughed about it for years!


Amanda said...

I just happened along your blog today. I love it! You have so many great fun and creative ideas. My son is a little younger than your daughter, so I'll be saving all of your ideas for a couple of months. Thanks for posting them!

Heather said...

That sounds so fun! It would be a great way to have fun with older kids. Thanks for the idea!